1. Select growing room size

In first step you select growing surface of your growing room. We perform loading regardless of it’s size – the only thing that changes is unit price.


2. Amount of growing rooms

That information allow us to plan our service in your mushroom farm, guaranteeing that agreed loading deadlines will be met


3. Plan of service

More means less therefore cheaper. Depending on the lenght of contract of The Fillers service you will recieve good or even better price of loading. We break the rule „bigger buys cheaper” for „you decide about better offer”. Price of service decreases with longer service time.


4. Additional options

You have no hopper to load compost? We have one and we will lend it to you. Your electrical connection is too small and you can’t afford to change it? Use our generator. With small surcharge your problem disappears and you have time to earn for modernization or replacement of transformer station – you can resign from any additional options in any moment during the duration of the contract.


5. Signing the contract

When you will get to know our offer and decide on choosing the best plan our representative will come to you to finalize transaction


6. Arrival of our staff!

According to loading schedule professional loaders The Fillers will perform loading service and you will quickly notice the benefits of working with us – comfort, no costly investments, better yields and quality of mushroom, that you have never seen before in your mushroom farm