Our services

Our strenghts:

  • State-of-the-art headfilling machine with set of belt conveyors for substrate and casing as well as pulling winch work as integrated set of machines and allows to perform loading service matched for expectations of every customer.
  • Experienced The Fillers (4 people team for 1 set of machines) staff does up to 10 loadings per week allowing use of experience gathered on different objects while working with every client
  • Truck in combination with custom-made trailer is able to travel considerable distances from base what allows to also serve clients out of mushroom farms aggregation
  • We offer different service plans, suits to customer’s expectations and possibilities, guaranteeing therefore filling service in period between 3-12 months
  • Machines have up-to-date check-ups and services cycle improves, what makes that them 100% effective every day


Economic benefits

  • No need to invest a lot of money to buy your own machines
  • Optimal use of services regardless of amount and size of owned chambers
  • Client doesn’t bear costs of maintenance
  • Client doesnt replace machines – The Fillers do it every 5 years
  • Client reduces permanent employment by 2 people


Technological benefits

  • The Fillers operators have outstanding experience in loading because they perform it even 10 times a week, not only once or twice per week
  • Wide range of adjustments of the machine allows to achieve the best quality of loading regardless of quality of the sybstrate and it’s source


As a result we obtain:

  • Equal growth of mycelium on every shelf
  • Wide range of mushroom height and size
  • Improvement in size of yields – clients gain even 2-3 kg/m2 more mushrooms
  • Improvement in quality of yields – greatly increased amount of export class – industrial class drops down by more than 50%