The machines for loading service

In this section you will find additional information concerning the machines used by The Fillers for service subsoil and casing for mushroom loading. All the machines are marked with the symbol HD (Heavy Duty), which means that they are designed for very intense exploitation.

Maximally with one set of machines we perform up to 10 loadings per week, that is about 500 loadings a year. It means, that during a year we can establish crops on the area of about 225.000 m2 (assuming that 50% are the facilities up to 300 m2, and 50% up to 600 m2).

In the final effect even 20.000 tons of compost and 10.000 tons of casing altogether go through our machines.

That is why The Fillers machines, especially Herkules headfillig machine, have such a reliable construction ( The mass of the headfillig machine, 2 conveyors and the winch ready to work is about 15 tons)

Another important feature of the machines HD is the maximum possibility of changing the control of the individual sections of the headfillig machine and adjusting the delay times or the work speed of some components to the customer’s needs.

Because we perform the service of loading in different types of facilities and different parameters of compost and casing (structure, humidity, the length of straw), the change of the machine parameters, even twice a day, is the key to the best quality of loading.

The service of loading is offered only on the area of Poland.

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