Goods sharing

Goods sharing is our new proposal, which The Fillers offers and which fits in the global trend of machine and service use by a few users.

 In the companies, which use an expensive technology the rule is to use it every day, or more preferably 12-16 hours per day.

If the mushroom farm has 6 cultivating chambers your head filling machine is used only once a week, which means very ineffective. If in your neighbourhood there are other mushroom farms you can buy one set for 3 farms, employ one or a few people performing loading and share the costs among 3 facilities.


Below we present infographics, that shows the savings in the case of buying one set of the machines from The Fillers, as well as the tractor unit and the semi-trailer by 3 mushroom growers. Assuming an average Gross wages in EU countries at the level of 2900 euros (about 1700 euros net), the savings in the period of 5 years can amount to even 500.000 euros.

Contact The Flllers consultant , who will prepare an offer for a set of machines in Goods Sharing system together with a semi-trailer designed to carry them for you.