Another headfiller came to its new owner

Mushrooms grow throughout the year – in winter it’s harder, but thanks to The Fillers machines everything goes right in every situation. Systems for belts and oil heating installed in “Hercules” headfiller makes it unstoppable even for freezing cold.

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Weak sterling and Irish problems

As Gerry Reilly moves from one of his 50-foot mushroom farm units to another, he constantly checks the currency tracker to see if the pound is still falling.

Since the Brexit vote in June and sterling’s plunge against the euro, the Irish mushroom industry has taken a hammering.

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Diabetic-Friendly mushrooms

If you think about that very long, you might not feel as inclined to eat one. But that would be a mistake. Mushrooms are very nutrient dense, and mushrooms are a wonderful addition to a healthy diet. Learn why mushrooms are a dieter’s friend and why mushrooms are a diabetic-friendly “vegetable”. Diabetic friendly

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