Filling service

Available only in Poland

Substrate and casing filling service

The Fillers is the first professional substrate and casing loading service in mushroom farm done in Poland which is the biggest mushroom producer in Europe.

  • first-class machines and devices
  • professional operators Staff
  • technologic advising

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Choose your filling plan

Available only in Poland

  • Select chamber size
  • Amount of growing rooms
  • Plan of service
  • Additional options


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Buy new machines

The Fillers brand is the property of Euro Industry LTD from Poland, which is manufacturer of all the machines and indeed only the one company in the world which is using practical expierience of filling compost and casing in mushroom farms, making by own employes. Thanks this company implements the best technological solutions in all machines.

We understand your needs, therefore our machines are so good!

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Another machinery set successfully started-up!

Mushroom grower from Hołowczyce, who resigned from our loading service in the end of 2017 and purchased machines from another company, after few months concluded that only the quality of The Fillers machines would satisfy his expectations and bring expected effects of loadings on shelves. Customer smile – priceless!

27 November 2018

Hercules 2 – the newest head filling machine

We would like to proudly inform you that an effect of many months of work and collection of experience during countless service loads, Hercules 2 – the newest head filling machine for loading the compost and casing in mushroom farms, has been successfully implemented to work in the farm of the owner who was using the loading services of The Fillers.

30 October 2018

Bigger headfiller for a bigger challenges

During last few weeks we’ve been realizing an order from Romanian client for a special version of headfiller, which should be able to work with 8-beds-high shelves. It was a tough challenge for us, but we like this kind of projects. You will find the gallery below. Just take a look at those columns- how high and massive they are!

26 September 2018

Quality and clarity supported by experienced team

About us

The Fillers is experienced staff which provides loading services even twice a day, 5-6 days a week. Loaded substrate for mushrooms and casing originate from various Polish facilities and have different parameters such as moisture, straw lenght and casing structure. Using state-of-the-art machines manufactured by Euro Industry that allow full adjustment regardless of substrate and casing features as well as using our own practical experience we are able to achieve the highest quality of loading which translates into quality and quantity of yields.

  • Technicians

    They are people that perform loading services, trained in theory and practice on various objects – proffesionals.

  • Technologist

    The Fillers also advise their customers about the cultivation using loading machines designed for substrate and casing.


    They know everything about these machines and modern software as well as constant supervision over technical condition of machines dedicated to services.


    They will help you to choose the right subscription and will present economical benefits of using The Fillers services.

What our customers think about us

Loading is done well. Main advantage is that The Fillers staff arrive, do loading and leave and there is nothing left for me to do. I don't have to clean the machines, build a storage area for them and the most important thing, The Fillers provide maintenance for the machines. The headfilling machine for loading and its quality made really good impression on me. After a few loadings yields increased and number of worse quality mushroom decreased.

Marcin Chwedczuk

I am pleased, I have better quality and quantity of yields, loading is done quickly what greatly reduces risk of infection. I get along well with operators, they are non-confrontational and professional. Equipment is excellent.

Rafał Czyrka

I'm very pleased, quality is really good and machines work smoothly and quickly what makes loading process much shorter. My avarage yield is 35 kg/m2 what is really good result, especially that my mushrooms are mainly sold to fresh market in European Union.

Edwin Radzikowski

The device is quick and professional when it comes to work, safety and maintenance. It allows to do loading while meeting every technologic expectation such as: even insertion of cacing while maintaining great contact of substrate with casing expected amount of compost and squeeze when scale is used expected casing structure with possibility of pouring water and using mixing shafts loading done like that allows to evenly insert expected amount of water, even extraction of mycelium on all of the shelves together with last one. As a result fruiting bodies of various size allows long, selective harvest and big, high quality yield.

Justyna Kaszewiak

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You will find here the questions and answers concerning The Fillers services, the most frequently asked by our customers.

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Technical service

The Fillers offers a professional service on the area of the whole Poland and abroad. Our people are excellently trained, because before they became servicemen they installed certain machines in the process of their production.

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After obtaining the password, as our customer, you will receive the access to the set of documents, connected with our services, such as the contract, schedule, price list and the general conditions of sale.

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