If there’s something wrong with your headfiller, who you gonna call? The Fillers!

A few days ago, our special ops man Łukasz Stefaniuk, (who is well known in the Siedlce region mushroom farming community) received a distressed phone call from one farmer who was in dire need of help. What happened?

Frankly speaking, a pretty common situation: the semi-trailer loaded with compost was already on the ramp. The casing was also waiting. The workers were at their stations prepared for action. The only trouble was that the combine refused to cooperate. And of course, the combine was not one belonging to The Fillers. 🙂 Fortunately for the customer, we offer a loading service with our equipment in these kinds of situations.

Łukasz – the head of The Fillers team kept true to his word and came to the rescue. The loading was completed using the service version of the harvester Hercules, making sure the compost and casing were loaded. The mushrooms could now grow and our client could sleep soundly knowing he did not suffer any huge losses.

This is without a doubt a fantastic feeling for us  – being able to help our customers when other manufacturers machines refuse to cooperate.

Hercules, which has been produced for 6 years, has never let us, or our mushroom farmers down. 100% of our loadings have been completed on the scheduled date.

Getting Hercules to do the job can be achieved in various ways: by signing a contract for loading services, by ordering a “rescue” service (if we aren’t already booked at the time) or, you can buy your own set and have peace of mind.

The Fillers guarantee quality, reliability, and security. Remember that you can always count on us!