We are at Mushroom Days 2019

We would like to invite you to the largest, located in the centre of Dutch Mushroom Days stand: “Polska- tastes good”.

The Fillers in cooperation with 9 other Polish producers shows all the best in the mushroom industry.

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Hercules 2 head filling machine

Another machinery set successfully started-up!

Mushroom grower from Hołowczyce, who resigned from our loading service in the end of 2017 and purchased machines from another company, after few months concluded that only the quality of The Fillers machines would satisfy his expectations and bring expected effects of loadings on shelves. Customer smile – priceless! 🙂

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Hercules 2 – the newest head filling machine

We would like to proudly inform you that an effect of many months of work and collection of experience during countless service loads, Hercules 2 – the newest head filling machine for loading the compost and casing in mushroom farms, has been successfully implemented to work in the farm of the owner who was using the loading services of The Fillers.

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Bigger headfiller for a bigger challenges

During last few weeks we’ve been realizing an order from Romanian client for a special version of headfiller, which should be able to work with 8-beds-high shelves. It was a tough challenge for us, but we like this kind of projects. You will find the gallery below. Just take a look at those columns- how high and massive they are!

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