Odys – casing hopper



  • Clutch extending the life of drive
  • 12 months warranty (extended to 24 months)
  • Available even in 14 days
  • Made in technology INOX and DUPLEX
  • CE certificate



This machine is desinged to work in a prosess line with HERMES conveyor and HERCULES headfiller for loading compost. It’s task is to supply the conveyor with the requested amount of casing. Filling containers of the machine is carried through specially adapted trailer with movable floor. In the mentioned proces line, the machine operates in automatic mode, coupled with the remaining ones into one steering system. It can also work in manual mode. Adding requested amount of casing is done through adjusting height of the reels spreading casing.



The anti-corrosion protection of the majority of structural elements of the machine are provided in “DUPLEX” system, i.e. hot dip galvanization and two layers of highly resistant to mechanical damage varnish coating. Selected parts of the machine are made of stainless steel.


Technical data

  • Chain conveyor with gathering bars.
  • Manually adjustable casing spreading reel.
  • casing container.
  • Funnel.
  • Drivetrain with electric engine.
  • Speed of the gathering bars approx. 12m/min. ÷ 17m/min (adjusted with inverter).
  • Electrical cabinet with emergency switch.
  • Total engine power: 3kW.
  • Total unit weight: 960kg.
  • Flexible couplings used to increase the life of the drive system.
  • Dimensions of the machine: according to drawings from product card (below).

Download product card