Jazon – ruffler machine

Jazon - ruffler machine


  • LED lighting of the working area
  • Available even in 14 days
  • 12 months warranty (extended to 24 months)
  • Made in technology INOX
  • CE certificate



This machine is desinged for mechanical preparation of casing’s structure on the growing shelving. Placing the machine on the shelving is done with the help of a supplementary machine AJAX equipped with PLATFORM module. JAZON ruffler is a self-propelled machine with electrically controlled height of the ruffling roller and mechanically controlled height of the pressing roller. Controlling system of the device enables smooth adjustment of the moving speed along the sideboards of the shelving (forward/backward), as well as rotational speed of the ruffling roller. It is designed to work on a growing shelving of 1340mm (or 1200mm) growing width.



The anti-corrosion protection of the majority of structural elements of the machine are provided in “DUPLEX” system, i.e. hot dip galvanization and two layers of highly resistant to mechanical damage varnish coating. Selected parts of the machine are made of stainless steel.


Technical data

  • Majority of the structural elements is made of stainless steel.
  • Rotating ruffling roller.
  • Rotating pressing roller.
  • Control panel with emergency switch.
  • Drive unit of the steerable wheels and pressing roller.
  • Drive unit of the ruffling roller.
  • Moving speed: 3 ÷ 10.8 m/min.
  • Ruffling roller rotation: 80 ÷ 220 rpm.
  • Power of engines: 0.80 kW.
  • Total weight: 170 kg.
  • Dimensions of the machine: according to drawings from product card (below).


Additional options

  • Possible shapes of ruffling teeth: flat straight or flat twisted or round straight.
  • 2 independent rollers.

Download product card