Hercules – PREMIUM head filling machine

head filling machine Hercules

  • Central greasing system
  • 12 months warranty (extended to 24 months)
  • Available even in 14 days
  • Made entirely in technology INOX and DUPLEX
  • CE certificate



This head filling machine is used for mechanical loading of compost and casing in bulk onto growing shelves.
The loading process is handled in conjunction with other supplementary machines, such as COMPOST HOPPER – ATLAS, PEAT HOPPER – ODYS (if the trailer is not supplied with adapter), CONVEYORS – HERMES (for compost and peat) as well as AJAX with PULLING WINCH MODULE or PULLING WINCH ACHILLES (equipped with multiple winding reels). These machines along with the head filling machine form one integrated process line, ensuring constant compost and casing loading onto the shelves in the growing room.



The anti-corrosion protection of the majority of structural elements of the machine are provided in “DUPLEX” system, i.e. hot dip galvanization and two layers of highly resistant to mechanical damage varnish coating. Selected parts of the machine are made of stainless steel.


Technical data

  • Designed to work with growing shelving of 1200 to 1340 mm growing width, travel speed of the main belt is about 6m/min (optionally up to 11 m/min.).
  • Lifting the machine by hydraulic cylinders, coupled with the movable frame by leaf chains.
  • Adjustable angle (up/down) of the front compost and peat conveyor.
  • Two internal levellers (one for compost, one for peat).
  • Max. lifting height of the main conveyor (top surface) is approx. 3300 mm, possibility of loading 6-rack growing shelving without breaking the structure of compost.
  • Ground clearance of the lower frame at the driving steerable wheel is approx. 85 mm (in drive position).
  • Sound signal while switching off the headfiller/pulling winch.
  • 3 standard rollers: cac-ing (No. 1), ruffing (No. 2) and pressing (No.3), the working elements of cac-ing and ruffing rollers are made of hot dip galvanized, black steel.
  • Cac-ing and ruffing speed controls are located outside the control cabinet (on the ramp) in the optimal position for the operator.
  • Mechanical adjustment of the height of compost mixing roller.
  • GSM online service monitoring, allowing the producer’s inspection of the operating parameters of the machine (including the control computer).
  • Steerable wheels allowing movement in all directions.
  • Automatic system for oil heating.
  • Two electrical cabinets, total power of the unit approx. 25 kW, voltage 380 V.
  • Total unit weight approx. 9 200 ÷ 9 600 kg (depending on selected equipment).
  • Dimensions of the machine: according to drawings from product card (below).


Additional options

  • HERMES – belt conveyor, for loading compost (1 piece) and peat (1 piece), to the headfiller’s internal containers.
  • Additional ruffing-levelling roller mounted on the platform of the front belt, between 2nd an 3rd roller,.
  • Heating of the conveying belts for compost and peat.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Automatic lubricating system.
  • Compost and/or peat watering system.


Comparison of The Fillers headfillers

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